NGA FTTC Networks Deployments

Project Description

Location:             All Over Greece
Period:                2014 - 2020
Statistics:            120km Mini Trenching
                            485km FO Cables Installed
                            433 FTTC Cabs Installed


From 2014 until 2020 OSP Contractor’s took part as a Subcontractor to the Large FTTC Projects that were deployed by Greek’s Telecom Operators.

Τhe Scope of Work included works such as:

The acquisition of all required permitting for public authorities, The electrification of sites by Electrical Utility, The excavation of trenches , The installation of tubes and ducting systems in the excavated trench, The installation of fiber optical cables or copper in underground tubes and ducting systems, ,The splicing of fiber cables in fiber enclosures and termination of fiber cables in optical frames, The performance of optical performance measurements, The installation of copper cables and termination into stripes, The construction of underground manholes with cast iron covers for hosting cable joints or access point manholes , The construction of copper access network cabinets as well as Fiber Concentration Cabinets, The installation of telecom equipment in cabinets , The delivery of as built documentation

The works took place all over Greece and particularly in the following Central Offices: Serres (NGA Like), Katerini (NGA Like), Marousi, Xolargos, Hlioupoli, Trikala, 28hs October Ioannina, Gimnasthrio Bolos, Kassandreia, Kastorias, Kerkyra (NGA Like), Kerkyra, Gardelades, Kozanis (NGA Like), Maiandros, Mola Kaliva, Fourka, Xalandri, Averof Larisa, Artemida, Karditsa, Akropoli, Farsala, Ag.Marina Lagonhsi, Agiokampos, Aiginio, Kitros, Leptokarya, Limenas Litox, Litoxoro, Methoni, Palamas, Plaka Litoxorou, Platamonas, Prodromos, Skotina, Sofades, Pharos Aulidas, Nea Kallikrateia, Geoponika, Kalumnos, Nea Hrakleia, Ippodromos