FTTH Networks Deployment

Project Description

Location:             All Over Greece
Period:                2018 - On Going (May 2023)
Statistics:            310km Mini Trenching
                            580km FO Cables Installation
                            20.000 Buildings Passed

From 2018 perceiving that Fiber Networks are tending to come closer to the final user OSP Contractors involved in Fiber To The Home (FTTH) Networks Deployments

Τhe Scope of Works includes: the deployment of the Feeder Network which is the part of the network that connects the Central Office with the Fiber Distribution Points (Cabs), the necessary Trenching works, laying the supporting infrastructure (ducts, multiducts), the construction of the FDP Cabs, the deployment of the Distribution Network including all the necessary multiducts interconnections and final certifications for the service of the Passed Buildings until the Ball markers and final the delivery of the as built documentation.

The works take place all over Greece and until now we have been invloved in the following Central Offices: 

Nea Ionia, Alusida, Ampelokipoi Athens, Karditsa, Ekali, Anoiksi, Kamatero, Zografou, Laurio, Xalandri, Hrakleio Athens, Nea Kiffisia, Marousi, Kalamaki, Ilissos, Dionusos