Pilot Smart City Project in Trikala

Project Description

Location:             Trikala
Period:                2017
Statistics:            20 FO Access Points Installed
                            5km FO Cables Installed


On June 29, 2017 the Municipality of Trikala, Thessaly Greece presented it’s progress  on the first integrated program of a modern and intelligent city.

This program included:

Intelligent City Solutions (Smart City)

Parking, lighting, environmental applications, Measurements, traffic management

Intelligent Shopping Mall Applications (Open Mall)

City wifi, customer / visitor big data, triggered and targeting marketing, health services, information service.

OSP Contractors  in association with Cisco and Space Hellas took over the responsibility to design and construct  the network infrustructures  (Ducts, Fiber Optic Cables , ODF’s) which will transfer the data from the Access Points and the Outdoor sensors to the the Central PoP (Municipal’s Control Room). The area that the project (Commercial Center of the City) took place was such that it made the use of common methods of excavations  (Open excavation, Trenching etc) prohibitive. For this reason OSP Contractors used the Microtrenching method in order to finish the project with the least disturbance to the urban environment.